Want to start a business?

Want to start a business?

Want to be your own boss?

If you are a barber and working as a contractor (1099), thinking of opening your own barbershop, or maybe just want to open a small business in a completely new niche, there are a lot of elements to consider


What You Will Find Here

I have opened three brick and mortars and several e commerce sites from the ground up to date. I have learned many important lessons with each new business, some what to do’s and some what not to do’s. I spent a lot of time doing research and learning about how to handle my finances and business law, and want to make it easy for you by providing all the resources and information you need here. I will be adding new information often and providing direct links to sites or companies I have used and recommend to help ease the logistics. I will also tell you about the different companies I have used, whose services I have paid for- that I do not recommend.

Stay Up To Date

Check back often, we will be offering an abundance of information for anyone that wants to learn what is necessary to open their own barbershop or any other small business.

Holiday Tipping Etiquette

"By no means is holiday tipping mandatory, but giving someone who regularly provides you with a service a little something extra at the end of the year is always appreciated — perhaps more so than ever this year" (Weber, 2020)Growing up in New York City we had certain...


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