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Who Can Benefit From Working From Home?

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Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made much of life less accessible, it has opened up a whole new world for most people when it comes to remote work. Since we’re so connected online these days, it’s relatively easy for many companies to allow employees to work primarily or exclusively from home. 


Indeed, some companies don’t even have an office space – every employee simply logs in from wherever works best. This kind of freedom and flexibility can make remote work extremely appealing for certain demographics. Here’s a look at who it works best for and why, plus some tips for how to succeed in a WFH setting:


Aspiring Entrepreneurs 
Want to create a company? You can pull it off from your home office:

●      Running a remote home-based business is easier than ever

●      Online collaboration tools make it possible to hire staff who also work remotely. 

●      You can even register your business as an LLC online, which offers valuable legal protections and tax advantages. 

Seniors, Veterans, and People with Disabilities 
If the workspace isn’t right for you, bring the work home:  


●      Remote work can allow people with disabilities to work for companies without safe and accessible office spaces. 

●      They can also be a good fit for anyone with PTSD or any other anxiety disorder, since they provide a more comfortable and soothing environment. 

●      Remote work is often more flexible than traditional office employment as well, which means you may be able to suit your workload and schedule to your needs.


Parents of Young Children 
Staying at home with the kids doesn’t have to be the end of your career:

●      Remote work – especially in a freelance capacity – has a lot to offer parents. 

●      Not only does it provide additional income, it can fill in gaps on your resume, keeping your career on track. 

●      If your kids are old enough, encourage independent play time so you can fit more of your workday into their waking hours. 

Remote Success Tips 
The right techniques make working from home far easier: 


●      Be sure to have a dedicated workspace so you can foster work-life balance. 

●      Build a morning routine to help train your mind to enter work mode. 

●      Getting dressed and looking your best helps you stay productive – avoid pajamas, even if you don’t have a video meeting. 


Remote work isn’t ideal for everyone, but many people thrive while working from home. If you think working from home might be right for you, we hope this article helps you figure out how to get started! 


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