Gentleman, there is nothing that your barber hates more than when you come in for a haircut with a lifetime of oil based pomade in your hair. It doesn’t wash out, it clogs your hair follicles, gunks up our clippers and is difficult to cut through with shears. However, we do realize there is a purpose for oil based pomade and still a need.

If you work outside or sweat a lot, unlike a water based pomade, oil based will stay put. You won’t have product running down your face and it won’t get hard so you will still be able to run your hands (or a comb) through your hair.

If you prefer an oil base, or would like to try one, there is something better than the old heavy petroleum products of the 40’s. Having tried almost every product available on the market at some point, I have found Reuzel Green to be my top choice for oil based pomade. It is not as heavy as other products, smells good, and has a firm hold. While it is water resistant, Reuzel does make a specialty shampoo to help you remove this product from your hair (no more scrubbing with dish detergent!). I suggest giving it a shot, or having some on hand- just in case the need arises for a strong water resistant product.

REUZEL Grease Medium Hold Pomade, Green, 4 oz.


Reuzel Scrub Shampoo 11.83 oz






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