With so many great beard products available in stores, why would you want to make your own beard balm? 

The answer to that question may vary from person to person. For some, it is because they want to ensure natural, quality ingredients are used, for others it may be to ensure there are particular ingredients added that may be beneficial to their own particular skin or hair type, or it may just be a desire to customize the fragrance of the beard balm.

In my shop I carry a variety of oils and balms so that my customers may have a variety to choose from; what one man likes, another may not. We make and carry our own handmade, natural beard balms as well as Duke Cannon’s beard balm and Reuzel’s line of beard balms. These are balms I have used for years and found them effective and a favorite among clients.

One of the balms that we made is an all natural Java infused balm. We make it in large batches for packaging purposes, and we utilize essential oil combinations to achieve particular fragrances. To keep this more economical, we will utilize fragrance oil in this recipe. I have also sized down the ingredient amounts necessary, one batch should yield several 2 oz containers; or if you’d like to make larger tins, I recommend the 4 oz for a larger size.

what you will need


unrefined cocoa butter

Butters & Carrier Oils

Next, you will need to decide which ingredients you will use. There are many to choose from but my favorites are unrefined mango butter, unrefined cocoa butter, and unrefined shea butter. You will also need to add a carrier oil; I tend to use jojoba oil, but will sometimes use/add coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Finally, you will need  (if you do not want to use any animal based product, there are other types of waxes than can be used).

fragrance oil

Fragrance Oil

To simplify this recipe you will be using fragrance oil; choose any fragrance you like but ensure it is safe for use on the skin. Generally it will be noted that this fragrance is for soap making, lotion making etc. Hence, it is safe for beard balm. If it does not advise use on skin, move on to another fragrance oil that does.

Get to cookin’!

Now that you have all your supplies and ingredients, we can get started with making your beard balm. 

1- You will want to create a ‘double boiler’

2- Decide how much balm you want to make. I suggest choosing two butters you would like to work with and using equal parts. For example, if you choose shea and mango butter, use 1/2 cup of each. You will want to use less beeswax, as this is your binding agent. If using 1 cup of combined butter, I would suggest starting with 1/4 cup of beeswax. 

3- Once your butters have melted and are in liquid form, add in your carrier oil. I recommend 1/4- 1/2 cup total of carrier oil for a batch of this size. 

4- Stir, stir, stir.

5- Prior to starting the cooking process, I stick several spoons in the freezer. After stirring my batch completely, I will take a spoon from the freezer and dip it into my beard balm mixture. It should harden quickly. If it is too soft I will begin adding more beeswax, repeating this process until I am happy with the consistency. If it is too firm, I will add more butter and/or carrier oil. 

(We want our balm to be in solid form, but easy to remove and emulsify). 

*Making beard balm is not an exact science. Much like cooking certain foods, sometimes you may need to add more or less of a particular ingredient to achieve the a result you are happy with. 

6- Once you have achieved your desired consistency, remove your beard balm mixture from the heat. Now you will add the fragrance oil; I like to keep the ratio around 5-6% of the total volume. For example, if you have a mixture that contains a total one cup volume, I would add no more than 5% of one cup (approximately 12ML or one tablespoon).

7- Stir, stir, stir (at least two minutes).

8- Pour mixture into your containers, let harden and then cover.

9- Pat yourself on the back, making beard balm can be complex and you mastered it!

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